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Porsche Service & Parts in Livermore, California

Our factory trained and Porsche certified service team experts are always ready to help you. You can book a service appointment online or call us at 925-344-5609 and one of our Porsche service advisors will be happy to help you set up your appointment.

Quality Porsche Service from Porsche of Livermore

You lead a busy life and service issues can be a great inconvenience. We can assure that your vehicle is in the best hands Porsche of Livermore. 

Your vehicle represents a significant investment and taking an active role in maintaining your Porsche will help you protect this investment. Proper maintenance with genuine Porsche parts will help extend the life of your Porsche and preserve its value. In addition to helping you avoid costly repairs down the road, regular maintenance will optimize your vehicle's performance, safety and fuel efficiency. 

Our team of highly skilled Porsche technicians is trained at dedicated Porsche technical centers, where they develop unrivaled expertise in all aspects of maintaining and servicing Porsche vehicles. The training courses are detailed and very demanding - only the best technicians are graduated and then certified. It's worth noting that only technicians from Porsche dealerships can participate in this official Porsche training. And only a Porsche dealer uses genuine Porsche parts and has the complete set of specialized Porsche tools and computerized test equipment needed for the best, most accurate repair and maintenance. 

Our Porsche Service Department provides an extensive range of Porsche parts and maintenance services including: 

* Porsche oil changes
* Porsche tune-ups
* Porsche brake jobs
* Porsche alignment
* Porsche preventive maintenance
* Porsche accessories installation

Our Porsche Service experts and new state-of-the-art service and parts facility featuring the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available are here to help you whether you need scheduled maintenance, auto repair work, or a manufacturer recall. Call us at 925-344-5609 or contact us to schedule a Porsche Service Appointment Today! Use our online form to schedule an appointment or contact our service department if you have any additional questions.


An online Video Owner's Manual is now available! Click here.


Use genuine Porsche parts—to keep your car perfectly Porsche

Porsche of Livermore is your premier retailer of genuine Porsche Parts and Porsche Accessories. Our dedicated Porsche parts team and top-trained Porsche Service technicians are here to make sure your Porsche ownership experience is pleasurable and financially advantageous. Manufacturer recommended parts are a vital part of maintaining your vehicle's performance. We offer the same high quality parts your vehicle was built with and we maintain a considerable inventory of Genuine Porsche Parts in stock.

Over time your Porsche will be exposed to natural environmental factors such as friction, pollution, and temperature extremes. We can help you learn about minimizing factors such as:

* Friction: Particular parts naturally contact others, which can cause friction. We can supply more information about friction, potential problems, and recommend a schedule for oil changes & lubrications.
* Pollutants: Dirt, corrosion, and other materials can clog fuel and lubrication systems.
* Damage: Environmental elements such as industrial fallout, air pollutants, tree sap, and even sunshine can damage your Porsche.

When facing these natural environmental challenges, it makes good sense to choose genuine Porsche parts for quality and reliability you can depend on. Porsche parts are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing procedures in the industry. Of course, Porsche's renowned endurance racing efforts have also proved to be an outstanding test bed for parts durability.

Our Porsche Parts department is always ready to help you out whether you simply have a question or wish to place an order for new parts or Porsche accessories. Place your order using our online form or contact our parts department if you have any additional questions.


Monday - Friday : 8:00AM - 5:30PM

Phone: 1.925.344.5609

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Monday - Friday : 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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